Hello Everyone,

I am a parent, grandparent, struggling college student and law enforcement officer with 25 years in my career.  I was diagnosed with PTSD, or preferably PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury).  I am trying to live life one day at a time, find who I am now and function while I have the symptoms associated with this malady.

This “condition” is kicking my arse, but I have to believe there is some reason I am traveling down this path.  Having this in mind, I decided to start a blog so maybe someone else can gain insight into PTSI, themselves, a loved one or just have mindless entertainment through my life experiences and live vicariously through me.

For anyone who has, or thinks they may have, PTSI I strongly urge you to reach out to someone,  anyone.  If it doesn’t work the first time do it again.  Your significant other or spouse, friend,  doctor, priest, or me.  Do not give up or give in.  Do not let this win.  Most importantly, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Enjoy and best wishes.


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