This says it all. Prayers for peace and an end to fear and loss.

inte fan gör det det

en fasansfull attack på demokrati, öppenhet och kärlek.

( once again a attack on democracy, openness and love )

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If you could do anything

If you could do anything without fear of family or friends disapproval, and had unlimited resources, what would it be?  I had this question posed to me recently and it was not as difficult as I thought. I immediately realized art, including writing and textile (sewing) would be the primary thing on my platter. I can imagine having a studio space and allocating myself hours each day to do nothing but create. No judgement regaeding my choice to drop out of ‘traditional’ life, work, career and total support from others who cook and clea up after themselves. Unlimited resources, I’m hiring a maid and cook.

Imagine finally being allowed to be yourself without being bitched at or hearing snide comments daily eluding to laziness, failure to take care of perfectly capable people while focusing on growth and healing. Would it ever be possible to rewrite the lines of caring for people out of desire rather than years of obligation as the “woman of the house” in a house so obviously not now, nor ever to be, shared equally with me or my haven should, Heaven forbid,something ever happen to him.

This would be what I would do.  Me truly being me, expressing myself as an independent adult, placing myself and my needs first… finally.