It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

After 5 years of drought in California we have not only reached our average for the year we have surpassed it!  The storms moving in this week are expected to drop as much water as the entire month of January and the warmth will raise the snow levels to above 9000′ which will cause melting snow levels to create even more flooding.

I love the winter weather, the crisp days, snow and rain. I love power outages, but we are prepared with oil lamps on the walls, wood stove and a 1953 (6) burner stove, batteries for the radio and a phone that is a land line not just the cordless handset. I think this is one of the best parts of rural living, our ability to disconnect from the world and truly relax after feeding and chores with books, handwork or games and not only survive it but relish the peace and quiet it brings.  The only bad thing on the home front is perhaps things going bad in the fridge if the power is out too long, but realistically I need to clean it out properly so now’s my chance.

This is why I have so much on hand to complete any painting (including not only prefab canvas’, stretcher bars, a bolt of canvas, and gesso), craft, sewing, knitting, crochet, cross stitch project and a shop with an old magazine side table to be refinished and broken chair to be mended.  Days like today are meant for project completion, as long as you don’t rely on the ability to connect to power.

It is hard to believe in one week I will be at Disneyland in much warmer (mid 50’s) southern California for a 10k and seeing sunrises while it is still dark from storm cloud and just above freezing at 8 AM here.


This picture is blurry because I was so excited to go out and take it I didn’t grab a jacket and am shivering!  It is cold!

We send friends, family and communities good wishes for a safe and comfortable week.  From our Blue family to all other First Responders, may you return home safely to your families at the end of shift.


A dark and stormy morning in Mendocino County, California.






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