Recipe for travel patterns

20170107_140845So, I am sure many people have though of this but I just did so I am sharing my moment of brilliance. I write knitting and crochet patterns on index cards to take with me.  My brain often goes on holiday without my body so I write even simple patterns down.  I needed to jot a new pattern for my father’s watch cap and couldn’t  find where I set the index cards (brain holiday…) so grabbed a water resistant recipe card.  I usually use good patterns more than once and it is pouring rain here so it made sense, I also have plastic sleeves I can slide on.  The basket in the photo was given to me by my equally brilliant daughter last night. If you thread your yarn through a hole in the side it feeds without your yarn dodging about the floor, car, bus, or classroom during lectures (yes, I am that student if i don’t need to take notes).  The basket sets well in a large shopping bag so those other incidentals I cannot live without small scissors, water bottle, a light jacket, can be stowed under it for convience. If you don’t have a basket I have also used plastic drink pitchers, beverage bottles that you cut the bottom sleeve off of and slide the bottom back on after placing yarn through the bottle neck (my grandma taught me that when I was about 10 years old) or any container that won’t wear on the yarn strand as it is pulled through is good.

My daughter and I never leave the house without a project or book, stealing minutes in line or traveling with hopes of not getting motion sickness while we get just one more row or page in! When I lived in Germany many ladies did their hand work on the bus or train, this was back in the 1980’s.  It seems to be happening on this side of the pond now also, which makes me so happy. Happily doing handwork with complete strangers somehow makes me feel connected to them all.

4 thoughts on “Recipe for travel patterns

  1. susanpblog says:

    The basket is such a good idea!

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  2. atkokosplace says:

    What a lovely read. One day I will re-learn how to crochet! I think it’s amazing you can. WEll done. Best to you and happy new year! Koko 🙂


    • mewithptsd says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comment and checking out my blog! When you pick up crocheting again we will be there to help fuel your addiction 😊. I will try to get some pictures up this week of our projects, my daughter is a whiz at whipping up hats for people on a moments notice. A safe and happy New Year to you, also! Karen

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      • atkokosplace says:

        Your daughter learned from the best! How wonderful to have a hobby to share with your child…well grown up child! Hahaha. We are in the middle of a huge life change, so I will have to put off crocheting a while longer. One day though….. Take care and happy crocheting! 🙂 Hugs, Koko

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