“Hello, Noah? About that ark design…

Well, we are still getting our rain on. This morning I was a bit unsettled but this evening I am writing a quick blog and tucking in with my knitting and hot tea.  A few pictures have popped up with people surfing on the street or kayaking next to a grammar school play yard in larger communities, which is entertaining but I wonder when those people bumped their heads and how hard (I’m older now and being a judgy judger lol).  The highways are being shut down, some communities isolated, and power outages are setting in.  I love power outages but know some people desperately need it for medical purposes, etc, and my heart goes out to them.

The rains are expected to last until Thursday morning, then a quick dusting of snow and we will get a drying out period.  When they say it never rains in sunny California, they mean Southern, which is far enough away to be another state entirely.

I have telephoned and texted with my father several times repeatedly asking, “Are you warm and dry?  Don’t  forget the lantern are all filled and the kitchen cabinets have battery mounted lights you can detatch and take from room to room so you aren’t carrying flames..I’m  12 mintes away so call iff you need anything.” I worry too much perhaps, but he had a fall and burnt himself on the wood stove almost two years ago and now lives in my place which he isn’t  used to, but how he loves the snow again! And to be honest I am not sure he’ll remember in the new surroundings, and I know he won’t  want to be a bother and tell me if there is an issue.

I told him a few days ago to keep the heat on all night.  He didn’t.  He seemed a bit surprised as he told me the next morning there was ice on his nipples (it was around 19° Fahrenheit)… “Yep, keep the heat on, Dad, I don’t care about the bill… I care about your nipples.” Well, that got awkward quickly.  My house was built in 1915 it cools off fast 😁

Please, stay warm and dry people. Those affected by east and west coast US storms and around the world!  Stock up, be prepared to evacuate if needed and take care of each other!




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