March Scraphappy

20170310_142006This month my ScrapHappy project was using a scrap of leather to make a pocket knife case.  Eric had been looking for a bone handle pocket knife for months so I used a 15th anniversary to present him with a woolly mammoth bone handle knife which has turquoise inlay and a damascus blade, it really is beautiful, but was next to keys and loose change in his trousers quickly leaving fine scratches in the finish.  I used leather, hand sewed the edges with sinew and added a screw on button (on an outside extra piece of material so the screw back wouldn’t touch the knife from the inside), with a thin strip of leather as a thong closure.  I love this handy little project and now I’m wondering what else I need to protect.  My daughter and I need credit card and bill pouches I’m sure, since we slide those in our pockets rather than take a full handbag so often, maybe with a key fob section?  I have go to see if I have a large enough piece for one of those !  Take care.

4 thoughts on “March Scraphappy

  1. norma says:

    Good idea!


    • mewithptsd says:

      Love to take credit, but I can’t completely. My father always carries a nice and very sharp pocket knife. He made his first simple slide in sheath many years ago and it lasted until he lost the knife somehow. He made another about 8 years ago for his new knife and the knife is still pristine while the cover seems to be holding up very well (he usually uses a heavy leather sewn with dental floss). I think whenever I give a pocket knife in future beforehand I’ll make a case to give also.

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  2. dezertsuz says:

    A beautiful project, and the knife is absolutely gorgeous – way too nice to get scratched up!


    • mewithptsd says:

      Thank you. Yes, that is what he questioned when I made case, why I would have given him a knife he has to protect 🙂 He loves the case and the feel of it in his pocket rather than the noise when he walks.


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