ScrapHappy, Making up for May.

During the month of May I was unable to post a ScrapHappy project as I studied my backside off trying to pass my final class, statistics, to graduate from Mendocino College.  I am proud to say, after many years in the making, I did graduate with degrees of English for Transfer and Sociology for Transfer.  Woo hoo!

Here is my make up May project, a scrappy lil’ basket to hold your scraps or other odd bits, thread, cross-stitch supplies, the telly remote or other loose doodads.

I used about 50 feet (I am guessing since it was about half the 100 roll) of  3/16 inch cotton/poly clothes line, 12 inches of 44″ wide fabric for the basket bottom, and about 9 inches of the contrasting, lighter fabric on the basket sides.  The fabric was cut into 1.5 inch strips and the selvage trimmed off if it was off coloured.  

I wrapped the end of the clothes line with my first strip of fabric and continued for approximately the first 8 inches.  A straight stitch down the center secured it.  I began coiling the cord and stuck a few straight pins in to hold it in place. A straight stitched “x” across the coiling held it in place.  I began coiling fabric wrapped line and used a zigzag stitch to connected the edge of what was already coiled to what was being added.  New strips of fabric are added as needed by overlapping them with the previous strip (I found using a couple straight pins to hold the pieces in place made it super easy).  I made the basket base about 9 inches across.  I held the base up at a 90° angle to my sewing machine and continued to join.  Here’s where I will do it a bit different in future: either I will not make the side angle so severe or I will make my base larger so as the basket grows there is clearance along the top of the sewing machine.  When I was ready to end my basket  I cut the cord at an angle, coiled the tail into a circle on the out side of the basket, securing it with pins and stitched an “x” to secure it in place.  The final step was holding the basket up to the light and checking for any spaces where I didn’t catch both sides with the zigzag stitch and running them through the machine again.  

This was super fun to make and I am definitely going to make several more.  My sister sent me extra fabric she had used to make her kitchen curtains with which I am now making my valances and curtains from so we will have matching ones.  The left over fabric turned into a basket will be a great thank you that I know matches her kitchen colors.